CyberCorp 2000 - Improving the internet one page at a time™
CyberCorp 2000 - Improving the internet one page at a time™
The Help Clinic - Website Design Services
Computer Repair Service The help clinic offers computer repair services for all of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada<br>  <br> PC Repair Tips Tips and tricks for repairing building buying and programming computers and lots of help for virus prevention and removal, programming solutions and web design techniques.<br>  <br> PC Setup and Installation Help tips and tricks for setting up a new pc and installing hardware and software.<br>  <br> Computer Repair Forum Get free help and advice for your computer related questions, as well as free help and information on web design and programming.<br>  <br> Making Real Money Lots of useful tips on programming techniques and methods of how to program routines.<br>  <br> Online Shopping Shop hundreds of stores like Disney, Wal-Mart, Footlocker and Catherines. Buy direct online, save money time and gas.<br>  <br>

Website Design

Building Websites since 1998 my abilities include

  • Database Design
  • MySQL and MS SQL
  • ASP and PHP
  • Javascript and VBscript
  • Both inline and stylesheet CSS
  • XHML DHTML and of course HTML

Here are a few examples of my work from around the web

Membership site, commercial store, photo galleries or private website I can create whatever it is you need.
I'm at your service to help you get the most from your next internet web project. These systems also contain back-end administrative panels for the automation of maintenance tasks, running reports, tracking statistics, and administration of client accounts, all of which help save time and lower the cost of the day to day operation of your new website.

Serving all of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada and now Nationwide!

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