Software Problems and Solutions (Free Self Help Computer Repair Advice) <![CDATA[Computer will not boot]]> And since the machine will work in safe mode I would assume it is a software problem also.

Are you able to log in from the welcome screen?

If not try going into safemode WITH network support
Procedure is to tap on the F8 key while windows is booting, this will bring you to the screen where you can choose safe mode, once there choose "safe mode with network support".
open your browser and go to ""

Try and run a virus scan.
Also uninstall the plug-in, it sounds like it has corrupted a driver.

Let me know how that works out and we'll go from there.
Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:25:41 GMT
<![CDATA[Computer will not boot]]>
The click looked like mechanical only. The screen goes blank with the monitor switched off. The monitor switches on again and  the welcome screen comes back again. The computer stays on during all this.

I tried switching off the computer and switching on again a few times. On one of these attempts I was prompted to start on the safe mode and the windows worked well and I got the desktop icons. I tried restart but the original problem came back again. But i could not get to get the prompt for 'safe mode' again.

I used the recovery disks that came with the desktop. The recovery process went through completely and the prompt for restart came up. But the monitor problems persisted. Can this be due to a monitor trouble?

Thanks for the help.

Arun Sekar
Tue, 12 Apr 2011 19:28:06 GMT
<![CDATA[Computer will not boot]]>
First, you say that you received an update from a Firefox plug-in that required you to reboot your PC???
I am not an expert on all the Firefox plug-ins, but I have never seen one that asked to reboot the entire PC. I use quite a few and ALL the ones I have only required me to RESTART Firefox.

Second the click sound you mention is rather vague...
Where is the sound coming from?
  HDD (mechanical)

Some monitors make a click sound and go black momentarily when changing resolution. Could that be the click you are hearing?

Another question is, what is the Plug-in you mention?

Your, problem at this point in diagnosis could be anything, more than one thing that may not be related, etc.

Please elaborate in as much detail to the events you are currently having, as well as what you have done so far to try and remedy the problem.

Also do you have a Windows XP disc at your disposal, not a factory restore disc?

Try and not do too much to it until we have answered these questions.
Sometimes in the beginning of a problem it is better to gather facts and think things through before beginning an attempt at repair. :neu:
Tue, 12 Apr 2011 16:21:33 GMT
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