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CyberCorp 2000 - Improving the internet one page at a time™
The Help Clinic - Custom Programming and Application Design
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Custom Programming

I have already created dozens of desktop applications ranging from complex maintenance programs to simple automation bots that have helped companies save time and money.

Some of the programs I have written are

  • The Remote Tech Tool which was designed for POS Solutions to allow their technicians to remotely diagnose and in many cases repair a McDonald's POS system in minutes and saving hours of phone support and down time for the restaurants The savings in time and labor were so significant I received recognition and awards for outstanding achievement in the fields of Technical Support and Research and Development.
  • Automation bots that take mundane tasks that consume many man hours and condensing those tasks into minutes.
  • Chat programs based on existing technologies to improve there performance
  • Utilities such as RSS writers and readers to help with the task of blogging.

If you are in need of a bot or application for yourself or your company give me a call and we can discuss whether I can produce something that solve your need and improve your productivity.

As always, my prices are reasonable and a consultation to discuss your needs and offer solutions is always free.

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