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CyberCorp 2000 - Improving the internet one page at a time™
The Help Clinic - Computer Setup and Installation Help
Computer Repair Service The help clinic offers computer repair services for all of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada<br>  <br> PC Repair Tips Tips and tricks for repairing building buying and programming computers and lots of help for virus prevention and removal, programming solutions and web design techniques.<br>  <br> PC Setup and Installation Help tips and tricks for setting up a new pc and installing hardware and software.<br>  <br> Computer Repair Forum Get free help and advice for your computer related questions, as well as free help and information on web design and programming.<br>  <br> Making Real Money Lots of useful tips on programming techniques and methods of how to program routines.<br>  <br> Online Shopping Shop hundreds of stores like Disney, Wal-Mart, Footlocker and Catherines. Buy direct online, save money time and gas.<br>  <br>

Computer Setup and Installation

Do you need a hand getting that new computer or printer set up and working properly? I am at your service ready to get your system connected and operating in tip top condition.

Here a just a few of the Setup and Installation services I perform

  • Internet Setup
  • LAN Networks
  • Printers
  • USB devices
  • Computer  Systems
  • Home Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Installation of Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Drive and CD/DVD ROM Installs
  • Shared Printer Networks

Serving all of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada and now Nationwide!

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